Acid Cat- Fuzz/Distorter


An original circuit that takes your signal and sends it into brutally heavy territory. You can also achieve some classic blues/rock tones by rolling back the input control. It is very dynamic and responds really well to your guitar's volume level. There’s loads of output volume available for driving the input of your amp or stacking with other pedals. This pedal can sound radically different with different guitars. Let your instruments character shine through while saturating to your taste.

Controls are;
-Volume: Lots of output!
-Input (small trimmer): Acts as a gain control.
-Fat: 3-way toggle switch selects between 3 levels of bass response.
-Tone: 3-way toggle switch selects between 3 levels of lo-pass filtering.


Completely hand-built in Long Beach, CA. Designed and built by me, for dirt box enthusiasts like me. I use high-quality Gorva enclosures. Everything is hand-stamped, drilled, painted, and wired because that’s the only way I can do it.

I designed these circuits while cooped up during COVID closures last year. They are the result of tons of hours of experimenting and trying to create new and original sounds. I try to source the best parts I can get for all my builds as if I were building it for myself.