The Fuzz Gazer is a silicon based fuzz that goes to great lengths to give you as much as possible under one hood. The pedal's amazingly low noise floor and incredibly flexible tone section will be a welcome addition to any pedal board.


The Crazy 8 tremolo has an all analog audio path paired with a digital LFO. The result is an uncompromisingly robust tremolo featuring 8 different wave forms and 6 tap tempo multipliers.

The Native Lung provides rich, warm reverb where and when you need it most. A slight warble in the tail gives the Native Lung its mojo, whereas the built in 8dB boost gives you the edge you need to be heard.



Reminiscent of gritty, tube saturated tones of the past, the Dabber is an overdrive pedal that works equally well on electric guitar as it does bass.


The dirt Hammer is a thick and heavy distortion box. dialed back it can be extremely expressive and sensitive. Push the gain and you'll have plenty of thick saturation on tap.'

The Lil Guy provides up to 40dB of gain in a tiny footprint. It's equally useful on the stage as it is in the studio, so don't be surprised how often you see it around.