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Lush and Detailed

Video Demos

Long tails mixed in without overtaking the original signal.

Volume: 55%   Balance: 45%    Decay: 100%   Color 50%

A more natural sound

Volume: 55%   Balance: 45%    Decay: 30%   Color 50%

a 50/50 mix with a long, bright tail

Volume: 55%   Balance: 50%    Decay: 70%   Color 90%

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Featured on Dave Pensado's "Pensado's Place" as one of the top ten pedals to have on your pedalboard.

Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Volume: When turned fully counter-clockwise, volume is at Unity. As you turn clockwise you obtain up to 8dB of clean, discrete gain to volume match any sound lost travelling through the reverb tank.


Balance: Controls mix; blend your wet and dry signals


Decay: Adjusts the amount of reverb time. Crank past twelve o’clock to introduce some warm, rich modulation in the tails.


Color: Controls analog tone section. Turn clockwise for a brighter, lighter room; turn counter-clockwise for a darker, moodier room.

Recommended For

Guitar, Bass, Synths, Trumpets, Violins, Tracking and Mix Engineers,


Genres: Shoe Gaze, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Folk, Experimental, Sound Designers


" ...Its one of those things that inspires you to play the guitar again...there's some kind of warble happening, a little modulation that makes it super pretty. When you have long tails it gives you that extra movement that you're kind of missing a lot of times with other reverbs"

Joe Barresi - Mix Engineer / Producer

(Tool, QotSA, Bad Religion)


"Sometimes you hear a sound and it speaks to you. It Provokes an emotion or a curiosity. The Native Lung is one of those pedals that is so pleasing it makes you ask, "hey, what is that pedal!?" And then you have to have it."

Aaron Harris Drummer - Composer

(Palms, The Deftones)

"Awesome plate reverb that is perfect for shoe-gaze when turned all the way up."

J.P. Bendinski - guitar, keyboard

(Nico Yaryan, Highlands Band, Crystal Antlers)

Reverb is the one effect I can't go without. It adds dimension and space to the signal which is complimentary to my sound. The Native Lung is unique amongst a myriad of'verb pedals available. You'll immediately notice its individual quality in the reverb decay. There is this mysterious warble and modulation present when the note trails off, but it is not overbearing or take away from the desired effect. I love the fact that the Native Lung features a volume knob to makeup the loss after hitting the 'verb.

Gabriel Lopez - guitar

(Recipient of the 2016 Tosin Abasi Scholarship

to the Atlanta Institute of Music)

"I wasn't ever a huge verb guy until I got the Native Lung. The lush reverbs you can get outta this thing are so inspiring! My favorite part about it is that it's output can drive your amp adding a cooler texture to solos."

Kemble Walters - guitar (ÆGES, Fuel)


The Native Lung provides rich, warm reverb where and when you need it most. A slight warble in the tail gives the Native Lung its mojo, whereas the built in 8dB boost gives you the edge you need to be heard. From the quick slap to long rich plate-like tails.. you'll love what the Native Lung does once you add it to your pedal board.