Small Footprint, Huge Sound.




Equally great for bass, guitars, keyboards, on stage and in the studio, the Lil’ Guy was one of the first circuits designed by Stacks FX. It utilizes a MOSFET transistor to yield up to an insane 40B of clean boost across all frequencies. A switch gives users two ranges of input gain: Lo setting is for standard volume boost of around 28dB, and Hi setting hits the 40dB mark, shoving your tone down the input section of whatever you decide to punish. A great boost shouldn't take up much space on the pedal board, nor should it steal your tone. Welcome to your new buddy, the Lil Guy.

Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Boost:  Controls the output volume control

(typically the top of the hat is Unity on the 'Lo' setting, bottom of the hat on the 'Hi' setting


Hi / Lo Switch:  The hi and lo switch alternates between two input gain settings. Internal trimmer pots allow advanced users to dial in their own custom presets.



• The Lil Guy may be small, but it is fully capable of providing a clean, 40dB of even boost to your signal. Whether or not your input can stay clean is another story.


• Useful in a multitude of different capacities, from adding fullness to your signal to helping engineers prevent signal loss and degradation with long runs from pedal boards to combo amps in the other room.


• Engaged in its 'hi' mode and you can pummel any preamp or input section of your choice.


• Push your tube amp into deep levels of saturation or Crush the input section of your fuzz pedal, its up to you how you want to abuse your new found power.

Recommended For

Guitar, Bass, Synths, and Engineers. Perfect for anyone who wants to be louder at the push of a button.


Useful for engineers in studios who have long runs between pedalboard and amplifier.


Does a great job of getting you loud without exaggerating any particular set of frequencies (lows, mids, and highs are boosted equally.


Genres: Country, Blues, Folk, Rock, Jazz, Experimental,  Metal, Sound Design, Tracking Engineers



"The Lil Guy gives your bass the steroids it needs to get your bass sounding like thunder. Such a heavy sound"

Kelsey Gonzalez - Bass

(Anderson.Paak & The Free Nationals)

"I'm a big fan of my Lil Guy Boost by Stacks FX. Its Makes my guitar sound louder, more open, clear and warm! Try it, tweak it, and leave it on for your whole set!"

Avi Buffalo

"The Lil Guy might look little but it's sound is enormous! The high and low switches allow you to dial in the perfect amount of boost, but when in high and cranked up is what I dig best (in the studio). It can push my amps by an extra 40db! No pain no gain right!? StacksFX letting it rip!"

Kemble Walters guitar (ÆGES, Fuel)

"The Lil Guy Boost is easily the smallest pedal on my board but has made a big impact simply from boosting the signal, it acts as a buffer which restores the clarity and chime that can often be lost with long cable runs. Having pre and switchable post volume control is super handy for quickly going between two pre-set boost levels during a performance. Placing the boost at different positions within the chain will yield some interesting results and I find myself switching it up for the variety it can bring. An essential addition to the board. What's more, with an enclosure this tiny, you don't have to worry about removing any pedals from your current setup to accommodate it. Love it!"

Gabriel Lopez - gutiar

(Recipient of the 2016 Tosin Abasi Scholarship

to the Atlanta Institute of Music)