The Only Fuzz You'll Ever Need




The Fuzz Gazer is a silicon-based fuzz that goes to great lengths to give you as much as possible under one hood. The input section of the pedal was designed to work equally well on bass, guitar, and synthesizers, so no tone loss, no matter the instrument. The Fuzz Gazers amazingly low noise floor and incredibly flexible tone section will make this fuzz a must have in any setup.

Video Demos

Long sustain, wide open saturated fuzz


Fuzz: 95%   Volume: 30%    Bias: 75%   Body: 25%   Cut: 40%

Thick and spitty, this voltage starved fuzz sounds like the ripping of the very fabric of space.

Fuzz: 100%   Volume: 35%    Bias: 30%   Body: 65%   Cut: 60%

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Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Volume: Controls output volume, post Fuzz


Body: Controls the amount of low end going into the Fuzz Section (pre fuzz)


Fuzz: Controls gain and increases fuzz saturation


Bias: Controls the power that is applied to the two stacked, second-stage silicon transistors


Cut: Tilt EQ, post fuzz.. smooth out any harshness in the top end with a turn of the knob.


Powered by either 9VDC, 9V One Spot, or a 9V Battery.

Recommended For

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synths, Tracking, Mix Engineers


Genres: Rock, Classic Rock, Metal, Grunge, Prog, Sound Design


"The Fuzz Gazer is perfect for everything from '60s psychedelic and '90s grunge to modern alternative tones."

Sean Gould - Producer / Engineer / Guitarist

(Hollywood Undead, Katy Perry, Moby)

The FuzzGazer offers so many possibilities with its bias control letting me go from spatty grit like a dying battery to super muffed out thick fuzz reminiscent of early Smashing Pumpkins.

Kemble Walters guitar

(ÆGES, Fuel)

"The first thing I noticed right off the bat was how much body this thing has. It's more rich and full than most fuzz pedals. It's hard to explain, but it's definitely a go-to pedal for my parallel vocal fuzz send. I wish I had 50 of them It's so mean!"

David Davis / Engineer

{Miguel, Wu Tang, Demi, Jo Jo, Domo Genesis, Keith Urban)