Thick, Modern Distortion

With A Few Extras




The Dirt Hammer is a thick and heavy distortion box. Dialed back it can be extremely expressive and sensitive. Push the gain and you’ll have plenty of thick saturation at your fingertips. The pedal is at home on guitar and bass pedal boards, and with the dual detented shelving EQ controls you are sure to dial in the exact sound you’ve been lusting after. Similar vibes to the DS-1 and RAT, but providing much more tonal flexibility and a much richer, saturated sound.

Video Demos

Cutting a some excess mud and brightness helps focus the power of the distortion

 into the places where it matters most, the low mids and the mids.


Volume: 52%   Gain: 65%   Lo Cut: 15%   Hi Cut: 60% Grit: ON

Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Volume: Output Volume control.


Gain: Controls the amount of distortion


Grit: When engaged adds additional midrange bite.


Lo - Cut: Clears up any unwanted low end or mud from the signal path. Gentle, 12dB per octave, starting around 400Hz


Hi - Cut: smoothes out any harsh top end from excessive gain staging. Gentle 10dB /oct slope starting around 1,500Hz

Recommended For

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass


Great for: Heavy Rhythm Rock. Metal, Grunge, hell.. anyone looking for a thick, heavy modern distortion


"The Dirt Hammer is like the best modded Blues Driver-type pedal to get smooth, buttery tones or even just a little extra boost."

Sean Gould - Producer / Engineer / Guitarist

(Hollywood Undead, Katy Perry, Moby)

"The Dirt Hammer is a undeniable accent to my tone. Giving the balls and dirt that I need to get the point across, live and in the studio."

Wes Fareas - guitar

(Name )