Vintage Saturated Overdrive Vibe




The Dabber is a transistor based Overdrive pedal reminiscent of gritty tones from the past. Leave it on low settings and experience boost to  tube-like saturation that plays off the dynamics of those lil' fingers of yours. Push the gain and you'll find yourself in thick, rich, overdrive heaven. The secret in the sauce? The input section is based off the Marshall JTM-45 preamp section, only instead of  cascading tubes, we use some of the best damn sounding transistors we could find. What you're left with is a pedal that can handle both electric guitar and bass, and go from clean and chimy to rich thick plexi tones with the flick of a knob.

Video Demo

A sexy combo of saturation and chime, this setting really shows off what the Dabber can do...

Dynamic but dirty without losing individual note definition.

Volume: 50%    Drive: 20%    Cut: 30%  Full Range Mode

Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Cascading amplification stages based on a classic tube design.


The Dabber is an Overdrive pedal that can make your guitar sound like some of the classic tones of rock and roll.


Volume: Controls output Volume


Cut: The Cut pot will gently begin cutting around 1,500Hz


Drive: Controls the amount of clipping in the circuit. Turn clockwise for more Drive.


Switch: Bright / Normal

Recommended For


Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synthesizer. Ideal for anyone looking for dynamic sounding overdrive that can cover a range of sounds.


Sounds LIke:  AC/DC to Guns n Roses. Ideal for 'THAT' 70's and 80's rock guitar rhythm and lead sound.


Genres: Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Shoe-Gaze, Sound Design

"The Dabber, through a high gain amp, smooths out all that harshness. A great tool for pushing a big amp. It also sounds great on bass!"

Sean Gould - Producer / Engineer / Guitarist

(Hollywood Undead, Katy Perry, Moby)

"I've tried most dirt boxes you can think of. The Dabber just WORKS. Not only is there an incredible amount of range - everything from light, transparent overdrive to a roaring, saturated tone - but the pedal maintains picking dynamics and allows me to play extended 4-5 note voicing without becoming muddy. Every note cuts through. The tone control is extremely flexible and its just plain hard to make this pedal sound bad. The Dabber kicked every other drive pedal off my board, and that's saying something!"

Gabriel Lopez

Recipient of the 2016 Tosin Abasi Scholarship

to the Atlanta Institute of Music