Digital Control, Analog Soul




The Crazy 8 was designed to provide the best sounding, fullest featured stomp box on the market. We did this by pairing the cleanest analog audio path we could design with a digital LFO. The result is an uncompromisingly robust analog path that can take you through 8 different waveforms, 6 different tap tempo multipliers, and an inspiring, yet unassuming control, wave offset which allows you to push and pull the peak of the tremolo's waveform to your liking. No matter the swell, drop, or chop you've been looking for, you're bound to find it in this stomp box.

Video Demo


The square wave setting can really cut up a signal in a warm way.


Wave offset: 45%   Balance: 65%    waveform: Square

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Controls/Features/Tech Specs

Speed: Manually adjusts the speed of the LFO


Wave Offset: Adjusts where 'center' of the LFO action occurs. For example, with Wave Offset set to '0' and the waveform 'SQUARE" selected, the LFO will start in the open position and close halfway through its envelope. If you adjust the Wave Offset clockwise, the LFO will close at a later time, and if you adjust the Wave Offset counter-clockwise, the LFO will close faster.


Mix: Blends between the clean and wet signals


Multiplier Selector: Multiplier selectors for use with tap tempo footswitch. Multiplies the tap by the value selected (.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 3x, and 4x).


Waveform Selector: 8 waveforms available (Ramp UP, Ramp DOWN, Square, Triange, Sine, Sweep, Lumps, RANDOM)


Ramp Up: From silence to normal volume


Ramp Down: From normal volume to silence


Square: at extreme settings, totally on/off


Triangle: Fender Twins, Deluxes, Supers


Sine: 50's combo amp / Power Amp Bias vibes


Sweep: swell out, starts at normal volume, swells to silence back to normal volume


Lump: swell in, starts at silence, swells to normal volume then back to silence


Random: LFO opens and closes in random, chaotic, and creative ways


Tap Foot Switch: 6 total multipliers (.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4)

Recommended For

Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synthesizers, Tracking and Mix Engineers, Composers, Sound Designers.


"I love this pedal so much. It has so many options that I'd never seen in a tremolo before. The tap tempo and the division options are so slick. I've used it on Rhodes, Wurlitzer, and an old Korg. It's smooth, creamy, and really just sounds great, no signal loss or weird crunch."

David Davis / Engineer

{Miguel, Wu Tang, Demi, Jo Jo, Domo Genesis, Keith Urban)